Remember video game cheats from the past when you could just enter a series of buttons and movements and gain invincibility? No? Well, then you’re young. But that’s how it worked: You’d find cheat codes in the back of magazine, enter them in on your Nintendo gamepad, and you’ve got infinite ammo.

What if you could do something similar, but instead of gaining extra lives, you’d be able to freeze up someone’s iPhone?

Turns out that that’s a thing, and it affects certain versions of iOS 10.

As explained by YouTube channel EverythingApplePro, texting someone a series of characters can temporarily freeze that person’s iPhone whether they read the text or not. The series of characters gets the iPhone to try to combine them into a new emoji that screws up some logic coding in the phone’s software, leading to a total lockup.

The good news is that the freeze is only temporary, and it only affects a previous version of iOS 10, meaning that anyone who has let the phone update to the latest version won’t be affected. But hey, there’s only one way to find out if your friends have the updated software, so here’s how to do it. And don’t blame us - we’re just reporting the software hole as a pubic service.

Send these characters in this order: A white flag emoji, the number “0” and a rainbow emoji. What happens next is that the recipient’s iPhone will attempt to combine the characters into a rainbow flag, but due to some holes in the code, it won’t be able to do it. Cue lockup, panic and hate messages sent right back at you.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you that being a jerk isn’t nice.