To quote Madonna (something I’m not particularly fond of), “We are living in a material world.” To help you figure out which of the millions of material goods swirling around us is worth spending your hard-earned cash on, we have put together The Want List, consisting of the items we really love this week.

via Levi

via Levi’s

Sports fans know that finding gear that doesn’t suck is tough. Levi’s is doing its part to make things better. Just in time for Opening Day, Levi’s is releasing a version of its iconic Trucker denim jacket with the logos of the Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees, and San Francisco Giants. The jacket features a small team logo on the front and a larger one on the back. It’s the perfect layer to throw on for an early season trip to the ballpark.

via Priority

via Priority

When it comes to riding a bike, few things compete with the relaxed joy of pedaling a beach cruiser. Even if you live nowhere near the beach. But beach cruisers tend to be heavy and are prone to rust. Priority solved both problems with its new Coast bicycle. The aluminum frame and stainless steel components shave pounds and by using a carbon belt drive instead of a traditional metal chain, the bike can spend the entire summer outside in the elements and be no worse for wear come Labor Day.
via RIF6

via RIF6

The Cube is a great way to view the movies and videos that you normally watch on your phone on a much larger screen. The projector is tiny, measuring just two inches on each side, and weighs just .3 pounds but it can project videos up to 120 inches. You connect it to your device via HDMI or Micro SD and it comes with a tripod to keep the image stable. The Cube also works great for less fun things, like giving presentations at work.
via Bell & Ross

via Bell & Ross

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The Baselworld show in Switzerland is where the world’s finest watchmakers reveal their latest timepieces. But Bell & Ross decided to use it as an opportunity to debut a stunning concept car. The purpose of the car was to serve as a source of inspiration for Bell & Ross’s watches, but it holds its own as an automobile. The car is a little over three-and-a-half feet tall, giving it a very aerodynamic stance, has a glass roof, and an exhaust that looks like it’s from a fighter jet. If the concept became real, it would have a twin-tubro V8 that put out 610 horsepower.
via Saturdays

via Saturdays

The Saturdays vibe has always been about blending surf culture with city life, so it only makes sense that the brand create its first line of sunglasses. The frames on all the shades are made from Italian acetate and the lenses are polarized so things appear crisp. We’re partial to the more rounded Mitsu style with the clear frames, but all the glasses have a classic feel to them that is equally at home at the beach or in the city.

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