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The Want List The Want List

The Want List: 5 Things We’re Coveting This Week

The Want List: 5 Things We’re Coveting This Week:

To quote Madonna (something I’m not particularly fond of), “We are living in a material world.” To help you figure out which of the millions of material goods swirling around us is worth spending your hard-earned cash on, we have put together The Want List, consisting of the items we really love this week.

kendo kame suitcase

The search for the perfect carry-on bag seems to never end. But the new Kame suitcase from Nendo gets pretty close. The bag is a hybrid of a hard shell and a soft shell roller board. The lid folds in a number of different directions. It rolls out of the way when you’re packing and is accessible from the top when the bag is upright.

fender faberge stratocaster

$1,000,000 (est.),
Dude, can you imagine playing “Stairway” on this thing? Master Fender guitar builder Yuriy Shishkov created a custom Stratocaster modeled after a Faberge egg. Each scale on the guitar’s wood body was hand carved and then gilded with silver and 18-karat gold. Then 550 diamonds embedded into the body of the one-of-a-kind guitar, which will be auctioned off.

paul smith x land rover defender

Price unavailable,
The iconic Land Rover Defender is going to cease production at the end of this year. That sucks. But at least it’s going out with a bang. British designer Paul Smith, never one to shy away from color, used 27 different hues on this one-off Defender. You wouldn’t think that all those different colors could work together, but somehow they do.

blub uno clock

Sure, we can all have clocks on our phones, but the Blub Uno makes finding out the time an enjoyable experience. Made of aluminum, glass, and bamboo, the retro-looking but USB powered clock reveals the time one digit at a time, so 11:50 is displayed as 1, 1, 5, 0. You will have a tough time not staring at this for hours. The upside is you’ll know exactly how much time you’ve wasted.

snow peak titanium sake set

$179.95 (bottle), $34.95 (cup),
Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the finer things. Snow Peak makes outdoor gear that is both incredibly practical and impeccably designed. This titanium bottle will chill your sake and looks just as good in the great outdoors as it does in your home.

Justin Tejada is a writer and editor based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter at @just_tejada.

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