To quote Madonna (something I’m not particularly fond of), “We are living in a material world.” To help you figure out which of the millions of material goods swirling around us is worth spending your hard-earned cash on, we have put together The Want List, consisting of the items we really love this week.

via G-Shock

via G-Shock

Futura is a legendary graffiti artist who has remained relevant in the New York art scene since the 1970s. Over that time he has created some distinct iconography, chief among which is his atom design that was actually inspired by Future Floor Wax. The latest collaboration to feature Futura’s atom design is the G-Shock GDX6900FTR-1 watch that drops June 1. Futura created original art for the watch, which is shock resistant and water resistant to 200 meters.

via Shelf Life

via Shelf Life

Adidas’s Primeknit technology is a clear sign of the company’s plans for the future. But it’s also a great way to look toward the past. After rendering the upper of the Stan Smith in Primeknit, Adidas is now looking at another classic model, the EQT Guidance running shoe. The green, grey, and white colors of the original are woven into this version to create something truly unique.
via Ale DiLullo

via Ale DiLullo

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Electric bicycles can be polarizing for a number of reasons, but it’s hard not to get excited about this version that came out of Specialized’s skunkworks program. (Robert Eggers of Specialized, who created the bike, has the highly coveted title of “trouble maker.”) Inspired by 1970s dirt bikes, the '74 Scrambler has fat bike tires and coils on the rear suspension that add to the retro charm. The only downside is that the electric pedal assist doesn’t make any “brrapp” noises.
via Boooker

via Boooker’s

While Booker’s has established itself as one of the foremost bourbon distillers, the company has never released a rye whiskey until now. The first Booker’s rye is uncut, just like the bourbon, and clocks in at an ass-kicking 136.2 proof. The rye has a terrific spicyness that it acquired after aging for 13 years. It will be available in very limited quantities so if you find a bottle, don’t sleep.
via Google

via Google

Unless you’re the kind of baller that has stray millions lying around, your prospects of owning a piece of artist Jeff Koons’s work are pretty slim. But now you can have a piece of Koons’s art with you at all time. The artist created three limited-edition phone cases for the Google Nexus 6P and 5X phones. Each case is individually numbered and comes with interactive wallpaper and access to digital artworks created by Koons.

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