Photo by Amy Pearl via [The Sporkful](

Photo by Amy Pearl via The Sporkful

We’ve got news for you: If you slice your bagel in half, you’re doing it wrong.

Or, at least, that’s how we feel after learning about a new genius way to ensure our bagels have the perfect dough-to-cream-cheese ratio. All it involves slicing the bagel along its Mobius strip.

Alright, so that technical term might sound a little intimidating. But a Mobius strip is just term for a surface with only one side. To make one with a strip of paper, you’d just twist one end halfway and tape the two ends together. It looks like this:



This means that if you began drawing a line anywhere on the strip and kept going, you’d end up right back where you started without lifting your pen from the paper.

When you cut two Mobius strips into a bagel, it becomes a perfect, two-tiered masterpiece that guarantees you’ll never have the distressing problem of too much dough and not enough cream cheese.

For step-by-step photos on how to achieve this bagel feat, view Digg’s post here.

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