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Exit Clear

Brad Pitt Swaggers as ‘The Runaway General’ in The ‘War Machine’ Trailer

No, this isn’t the Marvel cinematic universe, so you won’t see a mini-gun clad man in Iron Man armor this time. War Machine instead focuses on a fictionalized version of disgraced General Stanley McChrystal. McChrystal was responsible for overseeing the surge in troops ordered under President Obama, and his brash ways found him an inevitable disgrace in a hard-hitting Rolling Stone exposé.

Of course, there has been some fictionalization of the character, likely to make a compelling story and aiming to capture a “part reality, part savage parody – raising the specter of just where the line between them lies today.” Mostly, though, you have Pitt channeling a lot of the same bravado that led to his titanic presence in Inglorious Basterds.

This continues a slew of new trailers for Netflix original movies, as they further move towards becoming a completely self-contained content platform. With trailers such as this, it looks like they are pulling all the right moves.

The film is only available on Netflix on May, 26 2017.

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