We enjoyed the video of Iggy Azealia splitting her plants at a Bar Mitzvah as much as the next person. Well, maybe not quite as much, seeing as that video’s combination of celebrity, skin, and wacky coming-of-age setting made it go way more viral than we possibly could have expected.

Since we can’t play God ourselves, we can only pray that the following wardrobe malfunctions happen next at other Jewish rituals:

  • Nicki Minaj spilling wine all over her cashmere sweater at a Passover seder.
  • J.Lo becoming ensnared by her fishnet stockings while dancing the hora.
  • Ariana Grande breaking a stiletto while visiting the Wailing Wall.
  • Miley Cyrus ruining her leather jacket while taking a purifying mikveh cleanse.
  • Megan Trainor accidentally melting her tube top while lighting the Hanukah candles.

Happy Friday, and L'chaim.