Right now former FBI Director James Comey is testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee, following up on the bombshell, unintentionally erotic testimony he released yesterday indicating that President Donald Trump pressured him to stop investigating former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s alleged ties to Russia.

This is all you’re going to hear about today. And you know who else is going to hear about it? President Donald Trump. Hooooo boy. Although as of this writing, Trump hasn’t live-tweeted Comey’s testimony, we’re all expecting him to unleash one of his trademark tweetstorms today in response. In fact, one Washington, D.C. bar is so sure the President will furiously go H.A.M. on Twitter that it will offer free drinks to its patrons for every time Trump tweets about Comey during his testimony.

The Union Pub on Capitol Hill said in a Facebook post that their drink specials will run until Comey is finished testifying, or until 4 p.m. By the time you read this, the Union Pub may very well be bankrupt.

So if you live in our nation’s Capitol and you’d like to participate in what’s perhaps the most fun, but also most sad drinking game in the history of America, you know where to head.