The Washington Redskins made franchise history today when they made their greatest comeback in team history to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Nobody was more stoked about the Redskins comeback than quarterback Kirk Cousins, who, on his way to the locker room, turned the go-to tough-talking question of “You like that?” into a doubtless order that hits as hard as a ransom demand. He was in no way wondering if you, in fact, liked what you saw. He knows you did.

To be (more than) fair, Cousins has every right to feel like an unstoppable force. After being down 24-0 against the Bucs in the second quarter, and even getting booed by their own fans, the Redskins overcame that absurd deficit to win 31-30.

But while that’s monumental, should be celebrated, and will likely become solid water cooler talk (Is that still a thing, and do people really ask, “Did you see the game?”), expect everyone at the office tomorrow—over profits, over bagels, over a successful project wrap—to be constantly yelling, “You like that! You like that!” Oof, going to be a rough Monday for anyone with football fan friends.