Developer Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead titles are pretty bleak, but the upcoming miniseries goes to a new level—it starts by implying the main character’s suicide.

The Walking Dead: Michonne focuses on the sword-wielding favorite Michonne from the comic series Telltale’s games are based on. Unlike the first two The Walking Dead games, which are parallel stories to the comics, this one is an actual tie-in to the books created by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore, and fills in a period when Michonne headed out on her own from the rest of the cast.

It looks like we can expect a ton of really dark, sad, tragic, gory, trauma-filled character building, if the first six minutes are any indication—as well as maybe a heightened amount of zombie-killing by way of quick button prompts. In these games, those usually take a back seat to tough dialogue choices, in which you’re stuck with decisions like whether it’s OK to kill an old man who’s having a heart attack because he’ll probably become a zombie.

So expect a lot of that, too.