Alison Brie is like the perfect mix of sexy and funny. It’s almost Anna Kendrick-esque, really. Her latest film, Sleeping With Other People, which looks insanely funny by the way, is the perfect example of her sexy/funny winning combo. Just take this teaser clip for example. In it, Alison explains to Jason Sudeikis’ character all about a woman’s inner Khaleesi. Apparently, a woman will either bare your children or cut your privates off. Well, that’s nice to know. By the way, she’s also totally wearing lingerie… soooo, that’s something you’re gonna want to watch.

Don’t get too excited, boys. Apparently Alison, who’s recently engaged to Dave Franco, has been getting a lot of admirers as of late. Unfortunately, they aren’t always so welcome. Here she is on The Late Late Show with James Corden talking about all the d*ckpics that she receives.

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