In case you hadn’t noticed, Comedy Central’s enjoying a kind of Renaissance right now, and Amy Schumer is one of the biggest reasons why. Her series Inside Amy Schumer churns out pitch-perfect sketch after pitch-perfect sketch, and this week she’s done it again with a fake ad that takes men’s love of beer to the next level.

Schumer has demonstrated over and over again her knack for isolating that one specific, essential tonal bit of a parody and then stretching it until it’s impossible not to laugh. This time she hits the “Sorry Ladies, I’m Just Here for Beer!” gag that’s been a part of so many ads for so many years with laser precision, then exaggerates it until you’re literally staring at a beer bottle with a sex hole in the middle of it. Plus, between this sketch and a recent Last Week Tonight appearance, former Daily Show correspondent Wyatt Cenac is hard at work building a second career as “Bar Dude in Beer Ad Parodies.”

Inside Amy Schumer airs Tuesdays at 10:30/9:30C on Comedy Central.