Months after its Broadway debut, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s smash hit musical Hamilton—a hip-hop retelling of the life of our first Treasury secretary, Alexander Hamilton—continues to expand its pop culture reach. A book annotating the show’s lyrics and production arrives later this month, it will likely conquer the Tony Awards this summer, and now its influence has hit Comedy Central, where Hamilton fan Amy Schumer is incorporating it into the next season of her show.

Inside Amy Schumer isn’t back for another couple of weeks, but today Entertainment Weekly released the preview scene, which features Schumer and her sister/producer Kim Caramele revealing to Miranda himself that they too can craft a hit musical about a famous figure from the American revolution. Schumer’s musical, about Betsy Ross, isn’t quite the masterpiece that Hamilton is, but of course that’s the point: Before the Hamilton imitators have even come out in full force, Schumer’s mocking them for even trying to match Miranda’s talent.

Also, I really hope “Have a seat, Linda” joins stuff like “Bye, Felicia” in the pop culture lexicon.

Inside Amy Schumer is back April 21.