The great character actor George Coe passed away on July 18 at the age of 86, and while you might have seen him in everything from The West Wing to Funny People over the last 15 years, he was best known to Archer fans as the voice of Woodhouse, Sterling Archer’s long-suffering, heroin-addicted valet who could do everything from tailor a perfect suit to get rid of a few prostitutes with remarkable ease.

The character of Woodhouse will likely live on, since voice actor Tom Kane took over the role for the show’s fifth season, but to pay tribute to Coe, FX released a reel of some of Woodhouse’s best moments last week. It’s a reminder of not only how funny the character is – I remember hearing him say “tripping balls” and realizing I was going to love this show forever – but also of how integral Coe’s voice and comic timing were to his many scenes on the show.