While we’re all busy wondering who the Walkers will get next when we watch The Walking Dead, people behind the scenes are working to transform miles of beautiful Georgia countryside into a nightmarish zombie hellscape. When it comes to the zombies, we can thank special make-up effects supervisor Greg Nicotero and his team for making everyone look so consistently gross, but when the show needs a helicopter that’s not really there, or a burning building that they can’t actually set on fire, or a moving body that’s suddenly missing the top of its head, they turn to Stargate Studios and their digital effects work. In celebration of the show’s recent visual effects Emmy nominations, the studio released the reel above, documenting not only how many effects shots the studio’s done, but also giving us a very insightful before-and-after look at how they manage to do things like transform a city block into an inferno.

The Walking Dead returns in October.