If Star Wars: The Force Awakens is half as entertaining as Carrie Fisher has been while promoting the movie, it might end up being my favorite film of this or any year. At 59, Fisher’s been through it all: stardom, substance abuse, divorces, mental illness, motherhood and more (if you don’t believe me, watch her one-woman show Wishful Drinking), and she’s come out the other side unapologetic, unfiltered and completely fabulous.

For proof, watch the interview above with Good Morning America’s Amy Robach. Fisher – with her dog Gary by her side – opens the interview with a great one-liner: “I wouldn’t be anywhere else at this hour, except on TV.” And she’s off. Sometimes she actually answers Robach’s questions, but mostly she’s just playing around, riffing on “preparing” for the role (“I got in character and I’ve never gotten out again, and really I’ve tried everything”), her weight loss to be in the film (“It’s a stupid conversation”) and how good Robach looks at 42 (“Your parents mated well”). By the end, everyone on the set, including the crew, is roaring.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens December 18. As excited as I am to see it, I’d be just as happy to see two hours of pure Fisher.