Chrissy Teigen hams it up by offering a unique spin on a casual dinner party: why not add a petting zoo? Holding a miniature pig in her hands, the model shared videos from her soiree with her 10.9 Million Instagram followers.

Dreams come true

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Captioning “Dreams come true,” Teigen laughs and coddles the pig. Teigen appears to be fully focused on the pig, seemingly oblivious to the countless farm animals surrounding her, understandably clamoring for her attention.

Per her Twitter account, we like her original take on a classic crab boil dinner party.

We also appreciate her enthusiasm for hosting.

Dressed in a gold robe, Teigen holds daughter Luna, who pets a bunny, though we have to wonder whether Teigen or Luna enjoyed the animals more.

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Husband John Legend shares a sweet photo of the mother and daughter.

Petting zoo party

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Make-up artist Mary Phillips attended, and she shared this group photo where Teigen and Luna are wearing matching denim overall ensembles.

A few casual Polaroids showcase Phillips at the petting zoo, providing some behind the scenes views.

Life made! At the petting zoo of a lifetime! @chrissyteigen @johnlegend #babyluna

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A gigantic turkey seems to perplex Teigen, who mutters and laughs while attempting to take a selfie with the animal.

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Seems like the model has had animals on her mind for a while, as just a few days earlier Teigen posted a photo holding an oversize stuffed giraffe toy, while cupping a large bucket from KFC in the other hand (don’t forget that no one knows how to utilize a prop like Teigen).