Gamer Next Door Pamela Horton and I have been playing a lot of Far Cry Primal. Who wouldn’t want to play as a caveman beastmaster, riding around on the backs of sabertooth tigers and bears chucking flaming spears at enemy tribes?

The game is short on story, but I think that’s actually a strength in this case, because it lets you play out your prehistoric fantasies without getting caught up in a complicated narrative. And it lets you focus on insane glitches like the one in the video above.

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Getting “outside the map” in video games is nothing new—this reminded me of adventures I’ve had in games ranging from Super Mario 64 to Halo 2. It seems like every game since the dawn of 3D has had some really trippy glitches. But swimming in the ocean below the world, seeing the bottoms of prehistoric trees (they look pretty much like inverted dildos) and swimming toward the “egg of darkness” were too good for me not to make a video and get Pam’s reaction.

Watch the video above and keep watching Playboy Gaming and Gamer Next Door for more.

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