Are you so rich and entitled that you feel like going to a movie theatre is beneath you? Great! Because we have just the home cinema system for you!

A company called PRIMA Cinema has created a home theatre system that will allow you to watch brand new, first run movies at home. The hardware only costs a petty $35,000, and that includes the personalized security system that makes it so only one person can use it. But, each movie will cost you $500 and you have to buy 10 movies upfront so that brings your total to $40,000.

All the films are pre-downloaded so you’ll never have to wait for a film to come out. You’d think the movie studios would be pissed, but guess what, they don’t care at all. Want to know why? Because rich people can do whatever they want. Always. And because fuck you. GTFO!

So, next time you’re sitting next to a crying baby and a grotesque mouth breather while trying to watch Drillbit Taylor 2 in the theatre like a normal human, remember that somewhere, a rich family is watching it in complete comfort… because they can.