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In the video game world, summer is a bit of a bummer. Game releases slow to a trickle, and once E3 wraps up, there’s suddenly not a lot of news going around as developers and publishers buckle down to prep for the fall’s major releases and the holiday shopping season.

But fear not, for your gaming fix has arrived this week in the form of Summer Games Done Quick. The annual charity fundraiser is a weeklong series of game “speedruns,” where highly skilled players try to wreck their way through a bunch of games as quickly as possible. The runs are always fascinating, because they combine super good players with all kinds of weirdo bugs, glitches and exploits that allow them to wring every second out of a playthrough.

The whole point of this seven-day gaming marathon is to raise money for Doctors Without Borders, and viewers can pledge money as they watch speedrunners kick ass and bend the rules of digital reality to their whims. Donors are automatically entered into a sweepstakes for various prizes, too.

You can check out the full schedule of game marathons for the week right here, and get a load of how many donations are pouring in from the gaming community by watching the Donation Tracker. The Games Done Quick website also has links to Twitch and Discord chat rooms so you can connect with other fans as you watch.