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Watch James Bond’s Aston Martin DB10 Burn Rubber in This Blood-Pumping Stunt

Aston Martin

Aston Martin

Anyone who has been paying even the slightest attention to James Bond onscreen for the past half-century knows that the film franchise’s most enduring love connection is between its eponymous character and British car manufacturer Aston Martin.

Sure, Bond hasn’t always been faithful—there was a brief tango with a Lotus in 1977 and a fling with a BMW in 1999—but as much is expected with one of cinema’s most notorious lotharios. And with 2015’s Spectre, the Bond-Aston love affair is as strong as ever with a model developed specifically for the film, the DB10. Only ten of the coupé’s were produced and none of them are for sale.

“They’re solely for film use. Some may get destroyed. They’ll be treated harshly, used in real stunts,“ Aston’s design director Marek Reichmann told back in 2014. "When you see the car in the movie, it’s not CGI. It’s got a real driver in it. It’s being pushed to its limits.”

Spectre stunt driver Mark Higgins does some limit-pushing in the video below, where he literally burns the “007” insignia into the asphalt with some insane donuts. Watch, because it’s the closest you’ll ever come to actually driving the DB10:

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