If you aren’t already excited about the just-released Rolling Stones’ album, Blue & Lonesome, or if you had no idea they’re still churning out music, well, here you are: the video for “Ride ‘Em On Down,” a cover of the Eddie Taylor song, stars Kirsten Stewart cruising haphazardly around Los Angeles in a vintage blue Ford Mustang.

Directed by François Rousselet, it’s got a post-apocalyptic feel and Kristen looks well-equipped for the occasion. Wearing a ripped white T-shirt and no bra (because who needs a bra when the world is falling apart?), Kristen speeds through empty streets, sucks on a blue lollipop, casually pole-dances while pumping gas, and spins a few donuts by the river banks. She looks like she’s having a blast, which makes sense because in this version of L.A, there’s no traffic at all. Blink and you’ll miss her flipping you the bird at the very end.

Kristen isn’t on social media and tends to shy away from the spotlight, so the “Ride ‘Em On Down” video is a welcome chance to see her in action. It also brings to mind an Amazonian-scaled Angelina Jolie in ‘97’s “Anybody Seen My Baby?” video. And yeah, it’s always encouraging to have new Rolling Stones music, too.