As President Trump eyes big cuts in governmental spending, arts programs and public broadcasting are likely first candidates on the chopping block. Today the New York Times ran a piece abou the threat this administration poses to such vital organizations. So it’s a good time to travel back to 1969, when famed children’s entertainer Mr. Rogers had to argue to the Senate Committee on Commerce Subcommittee on Communications that the Corporation for Public Broadcasting needed more money. Rather than be reduced to $10 million dollars, Mr. Rogers wanted to ensure that the budget remained at $20 million. What follows is one of the most empowering visions of what it means to care about others, and how it benefits all of us to reach out to children. Mr. Rogers completely undermines the sarcastic congressman with only the power of his words. The poem he shares about children and what they can learn is an education in compassion.

Even mean old Senator Pastore appears humbled after the video. Keep your handkerchiefs nearby for this one guys and gals; it’s a tear jerker.