It must be weird having a digital representation of yourself in a video game. For NFL rookies, add to that uncanniness the fact that all those digital athletes in Madden 16 have numerical ratings meant to represent their skills and abilities. After working out all the time, practicing like crazy, kicking ass in your college career and finding yourself in the NFL Draft, you might expect that number to be pretty impressive.

That’s clearly the thinking of all the players in the video above, in which the folks at EA Sports let NFL rookies guess at their ratings before they see the numbers Madden has crunched for them. EA Sports also published the top 10 rookie ratings in the game. Apparently the results are a little…disappointing to these players.

But Madden doesn’t care about feelings. Madden cares about winning. So suck it up, rookies, because gamers don’t have time for butterfingers and missed sacks, and obviously your NFL careers are all about making video games better for the rest of us.