Internet broadcasting service Twitch has added a “Social Eating” category. Apparently that’s a thing people want.

The new category for streamers to broadcast themselves eating while talking to people on the internet comes after last year’s addition of “Twitch Creative,” a category for people to broadcast themselves making things like paintings or bird houses or whatever. The launch came with 200 straight hours of Bob Ross’ “The Joy of Painting” and it seemed like a cool move on Twitch’s part. This seems kinda baffling.

Twitch started its life as a video game streaming service, where players could broadcast themselves playing games while other people watched and conversed in a text chat while they did so. Twitch Creative seemed like a natural evolution to that formula, but up to now, social eating streams have run up against the Twitch Creative rules. So the new category gives social eaters a place to hang out, all on the level.

And while it sounds weird, social eating is a thing. It’s similar to “muk-bang,” which is especially popular in South Korea, where streamers will eat large quantities of food during a stream. Who knows why that is. The world is a weird place and we’re living in a technological dystopia not even science fiction writers could foresee. But people seem to like it so that’s cool.

Via Polygon.