YouTube sensation PewDiePie (also known by his human name, Felix Kjellberg) took to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last week to briefly explain why 39 million people watch him shriek at the screen while he plays video games.

The answer is basically, “It’s like playing games with a friend,” or in other words, “videos games are fun,” but that wasn’t the best part of the interview. When Colbert asked why PewDiePie, who is Swedish, swears in English and not in his native tongue, the YouTube star took the opportunity to force some network censors to start googling Swedish swear words to figure out what to bleep.

The standards and practices folks at CBS found a couple of the words objectionable enough to censor. Luckily there are no such people working at YouTube—PewDiePie videos would just be a series of ear-splitting censor shrieks, instead of the ones that come out of Kjellberg himself.