Lupe Fiasco likes Street Fighter. He likes it so much, he’s said he wanted to take on pro Street Fighter legend Daigo “The Beast” Umehara. At the Street Fighter V launch event this week, developer Capcom and controller maker MadCatz brought Lupe and Daigo together to make Lupe’s dream come true.

And Lupe won.

You can see the match in the video above, in which Lupe wins the match after taking three rounds to Daigo’s two. Not a small number of people on the internet have speculated that maybe Daigo threw the match, given that he’s incredible at Street Fighter and somehow lost to a guy who is not known for being incredible at Street Fighter. Kotaku reached out to Daigo about the allegation, and he came back with a classy answer that suggested he might call Lupe back to the digital ring sometime in the future.

“Given that Lupe is such a wildly talented artist, it shouldn’t be surprising that he came to play against me last night,” Daigo said. “I would like to congratulate him on his victory last night, but let’s say that you can eagerly await a rematch. The crowd warmly welcomed us and was so excited. I thought it was a great run. Lupe gifted me his own ‘Metal Gear’ jacket (which I wore at the autograph session [later]). I believe it was because he thought we had good matches too!”

MadCatz also denied that Daigo would ever throw a match, even one meant to be played for fun. And really, can’t we all just let there be joy in the world and think that maybe, sometimes, awesome fun upsets can happen? After all, now we get to live in a world where a Lupe/Daigo rematch could be a thing.