Sci-fi fans have been imagining ways to bring Star Trek and Star Wars together pretty much ever since the latter franchise debuted in 1977, and the results have been very mixed. There are a lot of Trek/Wars mash-ups floating around the internet, from fan fiction to crude Photoshop jobs, and they range from intriguing to boring to just plain terrible. Today, though, we get to see a mash-up that’s actually tremendously successful.

Created by YouTube user SonOfSpork, The Carbonite Maneuver is presented as a trailer for a 1985 film, and blends visual elements from the original Star Wars trilogy with visuals from the original cast Star Trek films that were released throughout the 1980s. The result is a trailer with a cozy retro feel that also delivers stunning sights like AT-AT Walkers marching on Starfleet headquarters, the Enterprise skimming down the Death Star trench, and Darth Vader pondering getting his hands on the Genesis device from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. It’s only 85 seconds, but it’s seamless, and it kinda makes me wish George Lucas and Gene Roddenberry had thought of it 30 years ago.