Just as the next Bond film, Spectre, has to try and top the critical and commercial success of Skyfall, so too does Sam Smith have to do his best to live up the Oscar-winning might of Adele’s theme from the 23rd Bond film. “Skyfall” is one of those songs that became enormously popular well beyond its connection to the movie of the same name, and now Smith is hoping he can do the same with his Spectre theme, “Writing’s on the Wall.”

The song is one of the few Bond themes that doesn’t actually share a title with the film (The themes for Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace also aren’t named after their respective films.), and it slows things down quite a bit from the soulful bounce of “Skyfall.” At first listen, it’s not as catchy, but the video is sumptuous, and features some beautiful new shots from Spectre. Now, we just have to wait and see if it becomes one of those songs you can’t escape on the radio.

Spectre hits theaters November 6, presumably with a stunning credits sequence to go with Smith’s song.