Last night, Microsoft revealed the three-minute opening scene of the upcoming Halo 5, and in addition to looking like it cost a big portion of the game’s budget to make, it also looks phenomenal.

The scene features Fire Team Osiris, a group of the Halo universe’s Spartan supersoldiers, as they’re dropped behind enemy lines on a rescue mission. After leaping out of the back of their drop ship and basically just falling to the surface of the planet below, they run down a mountain while executing alien adversaries with ballet-like precision. The cutscene also makes solid use of nerd fan favorite actor Nathan Fillion of ABC’s Castle and the short-lived Fox space western Firefly (not to mention Halo competition Destiny, from former Halo developer Bungie).

It’s a pretty great introduction for the team of characters players will spend a lot of time with in Halo 5. The game splits its time between series protagonist Master Chief and this new crop of Spartans, who are chasing him across the galaxy with a mission of their own. Apparently they’re pretty much badasses. Who could have seen that coming?