The next installment in the Alien franchise doesn’t arrive until May, but last night we got a little surprise from Sir Ridley Scott’s next sci-fi horror epic: A five-minute prologue scene featuring the entire main cast.

Titled “Last Supper,” the scene follows the crew of the colonization vessel Covenant as they prepare to go into cryogenic sleep. While the on-board android Walter (Michael Fassbender) performs a few routine medical checks and the captain (James Franco) turns in early, the rest of the crew throws a little party, led by Daniels (Katherine Waterston) and the ship’s laid back pilot, Tennessee (Danny McBride, who I hope will go Kenny Powers on some xenomorphs in this thing). The scene itself has almost no horror elements, save a brief homage to the original Alien, but given what we know about how these movies usually work out, and what we saw in the terrifying first trailer, it’s hard to watch this without a sense of doom setting in.

Set 10 years after the events of Prometheus but still before the original classic, Alien: Covenant follows a hopeful crew to an apparent planetary paradise, where they discover something else altogether. It opens May 19.

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