It’s a good week for talking about franchise revivals, and not just because the first Star Wars movie in a decade is raking in Jabba-level cash right now. Yesterday, Netflix released the first teaser for Fuller House, deliberately designed to deliver as much of a “Hey, remember this?” vibe as possible. Not to be outdone, today Showtime answered with a teaser for its own revival of a beloved TV show that was also airing on ABC in the early ‘90s: Twin Peaks.

Unlike Full House, which kinda defines crowd-pleasing family TV, Twin Peaks is very much a You Get it Or You Don’t deal. Created by the famously strange David Lynch and former Hill Street Blues writer Mark Frost, the show derived its initial appeal from an ostensibly straightforward mystery: “Who Killed Laura Palmer?” But Peaks isn’t just a whodunit; it’s a singular blend of mystery, soap opera and supernatural immersion, with a particular cadence and tone that only Lynch could achieve. It was a massive hit when the Laura Palmer mystery drove the plot, but then the show got stranger and stranger, and viewers started leaving. We were left with two seasons and a cliffhanger, so when Showtime brought Lynch and Frost back for a continued series, fans were both surprised and overjoyed.

The teaser is brief, cryptic and fascinating – a combination of breathtaking footage and a behind-the-scenes interview with Michale Horse, who played Deputy Hawk on the series. Horse doesn’t talk about the story of the new series, but rather the location, and the “holy places” that populate it. As he speaks, we see the unveiling of the famous “Twin Peaks” population sign and hear that hauntingly '80s theme, and if you’re a fan of the show the moment has to feel a little holy in and of itself. Then, just as you’re getting comfortable, there’s a blurry face, a shrill sound and silence.

I really love that Horse is the first cast member to transport us back into this world, because Deputy Hawk was the character most connected to the supernatural vibe of the town. We’ve got our spirit guide back, and that creates a fascinating connection, even if we know nothing about his role in the show. But wait – what the hell was that face? Smart money’s on Lynch and his famous eraserhead hair. He’s being playful, another hallmark of this show, and if he keeps it up the campaign for the series’ return is bound to be a lot of fun.

The new season of Twin Peaks airs on Showtime in 2017.