Nowadays, there are a ton of folks who get on YouTube and play video games while mostly just shrieking into a microphone, and some make millions of dollars doing it. But none of them are a grandma, so who cares about them?

Shirley Curry is a YouTuber making “Let’s Play” gameplay videos, starting with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The 79-year-old gamer’s voice-over commentary as she plays is the perfect mix of sweet, subdued, and bloodthirsty, especially as she threatens to put in-game characters to the sword—so basically the grandma everyone wishes they had.

As Curry notes on her YouTube profile, she’s an active member of the gaming community and originally created her YouTube account just to hit the “like” button on the gaming videos she enjoys. She’s also hoping to create a blog aimed at an older, underrepresented crowd of gamers, and it seems like that’s a bit of the drive of her Let’s Plays as well. That’s a pretty cool goal, all things considered.

And listening to her threaten, chase down and digitally murder a lying elf thief is pretty funny, too.