There’s a whole cottage industry of goofy YouTube videos about Dark Souls games—be they playthroughs of the series itself, interesting dives into its almost inscrutable lore and story, or creative and hilarious means of screwing with other players.

Obviously the last kind is the best kind.

YouTuber Foster channels The Silence of the Lambs and its serial killer antagonist, Buffalo Bill, in the ridiculous video above. It seems Foster discovered a spot in Dark Souls 3 that includes a hole that falls into a small room. The exit to the room is blocked by a door that only opens one way—meaning if you can trick people into falling down the hole, they’re trapped. Couple that with Dark Souls 3’s multiplayer mode, in which you players can invade your game in an attempt to murder you and you can summon other players to help you out, and, well, you can imagine it.

Nonsense ensues.

The video takes a few minutes to get rolling as Foster figures out how to best execute the trap and what to do with the poor fools who fall into his spooky dungeon. Before long, though, Foster has players fighting each other in a sad fight club where the winner only wins more torment.

Via Destructoid.