I’ll admit it: I’m awful at chugging beers. Some people just have a knack for it. I know some dudes who can just open up their throats and pour a full pint of beer down in one gulp. I’m just no good at that. It’s too cold! The bubbles! It’s cold and there’s bubbles! C'mon!

This YouTube compilation features some of those uniquely talented individuals. It’s astonishing to watch these individuals guzzle down beer like it’s oxygen. They are SO good at chugging beer. The girl at the 1:10 mark? Not so much…

She may not be so great at chugging beer, but she definitely knows what she’s doing. Yeah yeah, 80% of the contents of that glass end up spilling… but that’s absolutely fine because it ends up drenching her shirt. I don’t care how fast she drinks or how much she drinks, this girl is hands down the best beer chugger on the planet for other reasons.

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