I used to have this buddy who could chug a beer in like 6 seconds. It was such a cool thing to watch. He was so good at it. Good ol’ Jason Goodman. I haven’t seen anyone chug a beer like that until I stumbled upon this awesome video. What makes it even more impressive is that the person in the video doesn’t even use their hands to drink the beer. Oh, and what makes it even MORE remarkable is that the person chugging the beer is a stunning lady.

And she doesn’t even spill a single drop!! How does that even make sense???

Of course, this got me stuck in an Internet worm-hole and I started searching for videos of girls chugging beers. None compare to the one above, but there’s still some quality ones out there.

This girl is pretty terrible at chugging but I forgive her:

While this girl goes for the quantity over quality:

Now this one isn’t the best at chugging:

This girl has some serious talent:

And my personal favorite; “OH MY GOSH, JESSICA!”:

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