It often comes during a political squabble at a family dinner during the holidays, blaming the current president with, “This country’s in so much debt.” Everyone agrees, regardless of party lines, because the problem is so ingrained. But nobody nodding their head really knows how much debt we’re actually in.


Theoretically built from the bones of past treasurers, this fascinating monstrosity is ready to humble your voter hopes as we spend—ugh, more spend?—the next year hearing one campaign promise after another about what will be done.

Don’t worry, this isn’t some meager splash of red, like a single number that might make you roll your eyes. No, this darkness from another world’s got everything to ruin your day: mortgage debt, student loan debt, credit card debt, debt per taxpayer, maybe even your wingman debt (how much you owe your friends for chatting up your lady’s crew). And if you’re feeling real wild, you can check out the world debt clock too.

Happy viewing!