If you’re a compulsive viewer of sports (or just someone who happens to work in an office where the TV is all-too-often set to ESPN) you’ve seen a lot of post-game press conferences, if only because you forgot to turn the TV off after the game because you were too busy stumbling through a beer-and-nachos-induced haze. On rare occasions, these press conferences can produce a moment of inspired sportsmanship, or a moment of memorable celebration, or a delightfully viral meltdown, but most of the time they’re formulaic exercises in quote-getting in which players and coaches spout predictable phrases about how hard everyone played and how talented the opposing team is.

The gang at The Kicker clearly knows how these press conference patterns form, and to prove it they made the video above, starring “Weird Al” Yankovic as the Grizzled Coach of a generic team hosting a generic press conference after a generic game. The sketch is full of wonderful meta-textual moments that break down the often-pointless press conference exercise, but the real laughs come when everyone involved plays it completely straight, refusing to acknowledge that they’re basically caught in a nightmarish sports media loop that tries to drum up the same storylines over and over.

If you’re a longtime sports fan, it’s funny because it’s true. If you can’t stand sports, it’s funny because you can’t believe sports fans continue to pay attention to stuff like this. Either way, it works.