You can’t feel too bad for the geniuses at Apple, because they’ve been innovating our lives for decades now and continue to introduce dazzling products seemingly every day, including this fancy, um, pizza box. It’s just that they’re usually the first to call dibs in the newest tech space, and they almost always succeed in achieving ubiquity.

Yet even though they were the first to figure out voice-activated assistants by introducing Siri on the iPhone, they’ve been pretty handily eclipsed by the Amazon Echo speaker, a.k.a. Alexa.

But oh shit, what’s that? The engineers in Cupertino are hard at work developing their own Siri-controlled smart speaker to kill Alexa and the Google Home, which has also taken a big bite out of Apple in the last few years. According to Bloomberg, Tim Cook and co. are almost ready to unveil the speaker, which could debut as soon as next week at the Worldwide Developers Conference and be available for purchase later this year.

As for how Siri will differ from her friends, Bloomberg says the speaker will offer virtual surround sound technology and will sound considerably louder and crisper than rival products. Apple may also add sensors that “measure a room’s acoustics and automatically adjust audio levels during use,” according to anonymous sources.

Predictably, and most importantly, the speaker will also be deeply integrated with Apple’s product lineup, which is crucial, because neither the Echo nor Home work with the majority of Apple’s services, chief among them Apple Music.

I’m excited, but as Bloomberg points out, this isn’t Apple’s first foray into speakers designed for audiophiles. Remember the iPod Hi-Fi? Of course you don’t. Apple introduced the speaker system in 2006, but stopped producing the clunky device just 18 months later after nobody bought it. Let’s hope the company has better luck with its new game-changing gadget.