Body language expert Patti Wood provides some insight into something we’ve all thought at one point in time: who are those people who eat pizza with a fork and knife, and what made them that way?

According to Wood, the way you eat a slice of pizza says as much about your personality type as any type of behavior. While a lot of pizza-eating behavior is determined by habits formed at a young age, moments informed by a bit of spontaneity–like pizza consumption–can lend interesting insights into the way you interact with the world, and why.

Wood uses the DISC method to separate people’s personality types into four corresponding pizza-eating behaviors. Of course, not all people fit neatly into one box. “Not everyone is just a driver or just an influencer,” Wood told Cosmopolitan. “It’s a combination of personality traits, so you could identify as a driver in some things you do, and an influencer in others. Usually, though, there tends to be one that comes to the forefront just a bit more.”

1. You Fold It

Folders don’t mess around. When you fold your slice in half, you’re not wasting any time. You’re not into that “mindful eating” crap, and you don’t care which method everyone else thinks is the most proper. This means you’re a “driver”: being the best is your top priority, and you’ll take charge to get there.

2. You Go Crust-First

You’re a rare, weird breed. (Who eats pizza curst first?) You like being “different”, setting trends, and being dramatic. You’re an influencer.

3. You Use a Fork and Knife

It doesn’t take Freud to figure this one out. People who cut into pizza with a knife and fork are very methodical, stable individuals. You’re also likely to be a good friend, someone considerate enough to make sure everyone else has a slice before you tuck into yours. You like routine–your pizza order is probably as predictable as the rest of your life.

4. You Straight-Up Bite It

You’re the king of the pizza party. No fuss, no muss: you know what works–and it works every time. You’re serious about your pizza consumption, and you’ve done the research to find out which is the very best. You’re a perfectionist.

*H/T Cosmopolitan