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Famous AMC Pacer from Wayne’s World Auctioned Off for $37,400

Famous AMC Pacer from Wayne’s World Auctioned Off for $37,400: Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures

At the Barrett-Jackson auction in Las Vegas this weekend, one lucky collector acquired the very same car belonging to Dana Carvey’s beloved character Garth Algar in the Wayne’s World franchise. The Pacer was among many other famous peers at the Las Vegas auction, including the Rolls Royce of the meme-prone Pawn Stars. For a babelicious selling price of $37,400, the auction winner was able to make off with a piece of American cinema history.

Lacking the swankiness of the Rolls Royce moniker, the Pacer easily “outpaces” the Pawn Stars automobile in terms of pop-cultural relevance. But although the new owner likely desired the exact same car that Carvey and Mike Myers drove around in, the car underwent substantial renovations prior to the auction. Key details of the cinematic ride, such as the ceiling licorice dispenser and the mismatched wheels, remain part of the spiffed-up original. The (as Wayne might say) most goat-blowing affront to the original Pacer is the installation of a CD player in lieu of a tape deck.



Still preserved is the original flame trimming. Clearly, the car that was a rallying cry for ‘90s stoners everywhere is very much alive and identifiable—and the new owner will surely be taking full advantage.

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