Hop into The Test Bed, a bi-weekly series where couples try out high-tech sex toys—curated by pleasure marketplace My Secret Luxury—and then discuss what happened over G-chat. This week’s toy: the We-Vibe 4 Plus Vibrator, which upstate New York couple Jenn and Dave tried out last week.

Like the We-Vibe 4 (which we reviewed this summer), the 4 Plus is a couples vibrator that stays inserted during sex. “The main innovation on the Plus? Couples can control the vibrations with their smartphone as well as the remote,” says My Secret Luxury’s Stacy Rybchin. Sound like a good excuse to keep sexting when you get to the bedroom… If you’re into that.

Let’s see how our couple fared.


JENN: Hey doode. Let’s talk about the toy

DAVE: Sure. my first impression was that it would be bigger.

JENN:: That’s what she said. (Sorry.) Yeah, I was also surprised by the size, but we have only used a standard vibrator in the past, so maybe we didn’t know what we were getting. I was super excited to use it but we definitely didnt read all the instructions (You have to charge it) so we had to wait a day.

DAVE: I read all the instructions. I just ignored that one.

JENN: Ha. Your. Damned. Fault.

David: The toy also came with a pamphlet on sex positions and ways to use the toy—unnecessary but fine. I was not a big fan of the app.

JENN: I found it a bit unsanitary, generally speaking. We like keeping our phones out of the bed.

DAVE: The remote does basically the same thing anyway [tk tk]

JENN: This is a toy that is used for both internal and clitoral stimulation. We were interested in trying it because I can climax externally very easily but not so much during sex. We have tried a cock ring but that’s not permanent stimulation… So, this sounded cool.


DAVE: We knew that using the toy was the goal from the start. So I began with oral on you and it quickly got you ready for the new toy.

JENN: I think we started with me in control of the app/toy. I quickly realized that the piece, which is shaped like a ‘U’, was a bit too long externally and a bit short internally

DAVE: I think we both liked it when I could push against the toy with my pelvis and hold it against your clit.

JENN: There were a lot of rhythmic options. One of them was like a samba beat inside of me. I got a bit distracted (I’m a singer) so i had to move to a pretty standard bzzzzzzz so that the rhythm wasnt front and center.

DAVE: It felt good most of the time, and then it started to feel really good because the the toy started to pull the condom off, which has never happened before.

JENN: Killjoy.

DAVE: Like a sock that won’t stay on your foot in your shoe, the condom just started to slide off. We even had lube.

JENN: Getting back to getting off. I tried turning it around (using the external internally) but the app couldnt connect via bluetooth….So we moved to the remote control. For two luddites, this was quite the experience. we used the toy for a while and then put it away. After that, you came.

DAVE: And you used both ends on your clit to climax.


DAVE: I liked it. I wouldn’t say better sex was had with it but I had fun and would try it again to see if we can find a way that we can enjoy it more than this first attempt.

JENN: We are tri sexuals.

[no immediate response from Dave.]

JENN: Sorry. Yikes.

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