Stoners and lovers of delicious hazelnut cocoa spread, rejoice! Finally, you won’t have to enjoy your dope and your snacks seperately, as they can be one and the same. Behold, Chrontella!

While the Instagram account advertising its existence notes that it’s not officially for sale through them, each jar runs around $23 and contains about three 100mg servings of THC each.

The producers of Chrontella also offer marijuana-infused versions of peanut butter and jam across a variety of Canadian dispensaries in the North’s booming marijuana industry.

Nutella is only the latest food item to be merged with weed, as recent infusions have significantly upped the THC levels in salmon, cheeses, and even chicken salad. When just about anything you could find on a deli menu will get you blazed, you know it’s a good time to be high.

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