You can get pretty much anything delivered these days, and (in major cities, at least) marijuana is no exception—though these delivery services are almost always illegal outfits where bicycle messengers deliver pot to your door.

But the owners of Marvina are trying to deliver weed legally. According to OzyMarvina is a San Francisco-based high-end cannabis subscription box service for those who have a doctor’s recommendation to get high.

Every month, the company will bring you a number of varying marijuana strains—all you have to do is choose between sativa and indica and are willing to shell out between $95 and $325.

Each box comes with a printout that explains the strains’ effects, flavor profiles and histories.

It’s like the jam-of-the-month club, basically, except with marijuana.

The service is currently only available in California, but Co-founder Dane Pieri says he plans to expand to other weed-friendly states like Colorado and Oregon.