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Weekend Hangover: Gone Girl Here To Stay, Mariah Carey’s Voice – Not So Much.

Weekend Hangover: Gone Girl Here To Stay, Mariah Carey’s Voice – Not So Much.:

Here are the entertainment highlights from the weekend you missed while planning an elaborate prank on your best friend involving string cheese and a trained ferret. Or whatever. I’m not judging.

Gone Girl leads box office

David Fincher’s Gone Girl and The Conjuring follow-up Annabelle competed for box office supremacy this weekend with the former’s $38 million haul edging out the latter by less than a million dollars. In international ticket sales, the Chinese film Breakup Buddies killed. So, expect an announcement of its American remake to be forthcoming imminently.

(via Deadline)

**Better Call Saul gets a music video **

Folks got their first peek at the much anticipated Breaking Bad spinoff this weekend when AMC released a mildly amusing music video for Better Call Saul. It’s true, we don’t see much of the actual show — it’s mostly a performance video for country music artist Junior Brown — but we don’t get a sense of Saul’s lighter tone in comparison to its progenitor.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

Seth Rogen and James Franco naked together *again*

It seems like every other week, these two are running around dangling their friendship — among other things — in our faces. Most recently, the Pineapple Express pals parodied The Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid on Instagram.


Mariah Carey Live: not awesome

Mariah Carey can’t sing anymore — or so goes the refrain after footage got out this weekend of the famously dynamic diva basically botching her vocals during a performance in Tokyo. This doesn’t bode well for the rest of her “Elusive Chanteuse” tour, but, then, neither did the title “Elusive Chanteuse.“

(via Buzzfeed)

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