In case you had more pressing matters to attend to this weekend, here’s what you may have missed in entertainment news.

Chris Rock remembers Joan Rivers

Of all the melodrama unveiled and heartstrings tugged so far during the Toronto Film Festival, no moment is as equally earnest and funny as Chris Rock taking time out from promoting his own film Top Five to pay brief tribute to the late comedienne. See the video here.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

Friends set recreated for *The Sims*

Recently, late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel “surprised” guest Jennifer Aniston with a partial recreation of the set from her hit show. Not to be outdone, geekdom has spontaneously generated its own, more thorough version of Monica and Rachel’s lavish digs.

(via Kotaku)

American Horror Story: Freak Show releases longer trailer

After weeks of teasing the upcoming season, the folks behind AHS invite us to play identify the freak. CGI aficionados will, no doubt, be paying extra attention to the two-headed Sarah Paulson. Pervs will be keen on the triple-breasted Angela Bassett.

(via Vulture)

First earful of Thor’s Tom Hiddleston as Hank Williams Jr.

The Avengers villain popped up at a Michigan music festival this weekend and performed two tunes by the legendary singer. Hiddleston is set to play Williams Jr. in an upcoming biopic.

(via Billboard)