You’ve got to love a good well-intentioned yet utterly hopeless gesture — especially when it springs from an earnest love for pop music parodies. In light of the recent news that the NFL is essentially asking artists to pay for the privilege of performing in the 2015 Super Bowl Halftime show, some guy named Tom (awesome!) has launched a Kickstarter campaign to foot the bill to secure the coveted gig for none other than Weird Al Yankovic.

The NFL has not put an exact price on the prime position — that would sound too much like outright extortion — but Tom has. He’s asking for an uncool $1 million — we’re assuming because it’s as nice and unlikely a round number as any other. As of this writing, Tom has raised $25 toward that goal. There are 28 days left to go in his campaign.

Godspeed, Tom. Through your gallant efforts we may all be hearing the not-so-familiar refrains of “White & Nerdy” or “Eat It” come next February.