Game development is tough. So tough that maybe in order to meet your deadlines, you can’t leave your desk, even to tend to the basic functions of being a living human organism.

That’s at least the implication—apart from a generalized feeling of “WTF”—of this tweet from indie developer Jonathan Blow, who’s about to launch his second game, the highly anticipated Playstation exclusive The Witness. “Here is another thing I helped make, to help finish The Witness,” Blow wrote, and included a photo of a big clear jug sporting a long straw and filled with an amber liquid.

What, uh … what the hell is that? Is it apple juice Blow “made” and which he’s been drinking during development to keep himself going? Or is it what everyone assumed: a big jug to collect Blow’s urine so that he wouldn’t have to stop working?

If it’s the former or something similar, Blow’s surely having a good laugh at the expense of the video game Twitterverse, which was very interested in whether that was a bottle of pee.

And if it’s the latter, well—what the fuck, indeed. What’s that straw? Is that a catheter? Should we be concerned about Blow’s health? Should we turn a critical eye on a video games industry that drives a man to such extremes as not being able to pee as nature intended?

Video games aren’t worth it, Jon. Pee, man. Pee. Or continue enjoying your apple jucie and trolling, as the case may be.