Yesterday the Internet went in a tizzy over the RompHim, which is the Bro/Manssiere-like name for a romper designed for men. If a romper designed for men sounds and looks ridiculous (check out some of the photos below), that’s because it IS ridiculous.

The shrewd business school bros behind RompHim know exactly what they’re doing: After launching their Kickstarter campaign yesterday, they’ve already eclipsed their goal by almost $40,000 as of this writing, with 28 days to go.

We’ll miss the @heineken beer tents at #stagecoach, but not mad about the increased beer mobility.

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The runaway success of the RompHim proves there’s plenty of demand from guys with a.) an insatiable appetite for goofy, fratty, comfortable apparel and/or b.) disposable income. (The RompHim will retail for $119 or $357 for a three-pack.)

Count me among that first group. I’m a big, big fan of wearing the kind of obnoxious, albeit pretty fashionable summer gear that’s perfect for pool parties, tailgates, beach weekends and music festivals. Because, fuck it.

@neumfoto rocked our latest print for its debut at the #kentuckyderby. The crowd loved it; we’re pretty stoked about it too.

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The RompHim isn’t that far off from my favorite clothing brand, Chubbies, the O.G. purveyors of deliberately loud, frequently ludicrous, insanely cozy clothing designed exclusively for weekend shenanigans. Chubbies kickstarted the short shorts revolution and has since branched out to delightful tropical bird shirts and retro patriotic swim trunks, among other wares, and I sport their stuff all summer long because what am I gonna do, wear a polo or something?

I feel looser, less stressed and more confident while I’m in 5.5-inch inseams and getting my drink on, and I’d have to imagine the RompHim elicits the same good vibes.

So instead of ragging on the RompHim, give it a shot. Or if you don’t feel like forking over the cash, flock to your nearest thrift store and stock up on something just as crazy and debut it at your next barbecue or bachelor party. The sooner you stop taking your clothes—and yourself—so seriously, the faster you’ll start having more fun.

And if nothing else, hey, at least you have this year’s Halloween costume.