If you’re living in fear of the upcoming robot apocalypse, you’re not alone. It’s pretty obvious that robots and AI are rapidly powering up, watching us, and preparing to take our jobs, our wives and our homes.

Okay, we don’t really believe that, but it is very evident that they’re getting pretty darn good at doing things we can’t, and they’re already building our cars, computers, and other things.

That all said, there are still things robots can’t do, and in some cases, will probably never be able to do. A new report from McKinsey on the future of automation points at that humans are better than robots at some very critical things that should keep us ahead of our future rulers for some time to come. Yay us!

Those things include: spotting new patterns, logical reasoning, creativity, coordination between multiple agents, natural language understanding, identifying social and emotional states, responding to social and emotional states, displaying social and emotional states and moving around diverse environments.

But we don’t get to be on top forever, sadly. McKinsey released several charts that also show when we can expect robots to surpass us in just about all of those things, and the results are potentially terrifying. For instance, they expect robots to level up their creativity by as soon as the year 2050. Does this mean the next Bob Dylan will be a robot? Only time will tell, but according to the report, it’s certainly possible.

As for the emotional stuff, 2050 seems to be the year robots are similarly expected to begin their foray into social and emotional sense, reason and display.

Perhaps we could see a future that includes robot therapists. It may be time to look for a new major.